School Rules

The students and staff at Kimbark School take pride in the safe and positive learning environment that is shared at our school. We maintain a high level of discipline to ensure this positive feeling tone. We strive to instill in our students the need for respect, courtesy and self-control. We expect students to take responsibility for their actions. We take a firm, fair and consistent approach to allow each student to grow academically, socially and emotionally to his or her greatest potential. Our discipline policy is in effect at all times during school hours and while students are participating in school activities including traveling to or from school.

Students with excessive behavior concerns could be suspended and/or returned to their home school.


We keep our hands, feet and all objects to ourselves. We never throw an object that can hurt others. We never fight or play fight.

We follow standard game rules on the playground and play safely.

We are friendly and fair to others.

We follow the directions of all adults.

We come to school prepared to learn.

We work hard; doing our best at all times.

We never bring weapons, knives or any dangerous objects to school.

We are environmentally friendly. We pick up after ourselves and do not litter.

We only bring healthy snacks (no hot Cheetos, gum, candy, soda, Pico, Lucas, etc.).

We don't bring toys, sports equipment, skateboards, roller skates or electronic toys without permission. Cell phones in backpacks (turned off)
are allowed.

Items brought to school may be taken and not returned until the end of the year.

We cannot be responsible for the loss of any toy, item or phone if broken or stolen.

We treat with care, and use in an acceptable manner all equipment, furniture, bathrooms, materials and books.

We must remain on campus once we arrive at school. We never climb fences, trees, backstops or on the planted banks.

We play on the playground and not around the buildings or in the restrooms.

We walk in the halls and buildings.

We walk to class immediately when the bell rings.


Most of our cafeteria food is served buffet style. Children have choices and may take whatever they would like from the salad bar.
We will be encouraging children to take only what they can eat, to eat most of their food and to not waste food taken.
There should be no loud talking, running or inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria. Students should follow proper etiquette.

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